The company Luzi AG was founded in 1926, it specializes in the development of fragrance compounds cosmetics, home and room fragrances.

They started as a family plant until becoming a multinational company based in Switzerland.

With perseverance and a single objective: “always offer the highest quality”.
For more than 98 years, the name Luzi is synonymous with fragrances according to the times of the highest standard, capable of satisfying all the objectives, demands and wishes of our customers.

The secret? The combination of our traditional concept of quality with cutting-edge ideas and innovations. Providing customer support with our professional knowledge and experience, through creative developments, competent advice on regulatory issues and a technical support oriented to the search for solutions. In a personal, individual and cooperative way.

Luzi AG works with 220 employees, with passion and commitment, to reach the highest level of quality, always with respect to the environment and the legendary “100% made in Switzerland”.
We have a wide range of fragrances for your products:
Beauty & Personal Care

  • Fragancia fina
  • Cuidado de bebes y niños
  • Cosméticos
  • Desodorantes
  • Cuidado capilar
  • Cuidado de labios
  • Cuidado masculino
  • Cuidado de la piel
  • Jabón, ducha y baño
  • Protección solar


  • Cuidado de telas
  • Productos para lavavajillas
  • Cuidado de carros
  • Cuidado de pisos
  • Detergente en polvo
  • Detergente en líquido
  • Limpiadores ácidos (en base: acido formico, acido sulfamico, acido cítrico, acido fosfórico y clorhídrico)
  • Blanqueadores (en base a hipoclorito de sodio al 10%)
  • Blanqueadores (en base a peróxido de hidrogeno)
  • Suavizantes

Air Care

  • Ambientales
  • Neutralizadores Odour-ex
  • Velas

Liquid flavors