We started as DMV International agents and now belong to FRIESLAND CAMPINA.

Among its product ranges are milk-based beverages, child nutrition, cheese, butter, cream, desserts and functional dairy ingredients.

Under the Kievit brand there are ingredients encapsulated for the global food industry. Together with our customers, we are looking for innovative ways to make new functional ingredients suitable for the application in their products. The encapsulation technology is the main one.

Our clients are active in all types of market segments, especially in the segments such as: beverages (instant drinks), bakery and nutrition (special foods and functional foods). ”


Under the name Kievit we are the global market leader in the field of creams and foaming for the instant drinks industry. Our customers consider the name Kievit a guarantee of quality and good service.


We also supply a wide range of ingredients for the bakery industry under the Kievit brand.

Encapsulated fat powders greatly facilitate the production process of our customers.

The toppings are mainly directed to an airy, light and tasty product of indulgence.

Our encapsulated nutritional oils allow our customers in the bakery industry to easily add health to their products. One example is encapsulated fish oil.


Kievit offers encapsulated nutritional oils that are used in all kinds of food around the world.

Manufacturers of medicinal and baby foods are important in this context because they ensure the correct nutritional value that is vital for your target group that is often vulnerable.

Encapsulation makes it easy to add functional ingredients to foods without affecting odor or taste.